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BEPOP Regulation

Collecting points

How to earn points

For every €10 spent on you earn 1 point

Earn 10 points by doing product reviews

Earn 10 points on your birthday

The points are credited at the time of payment, you can check your points in your account.

The Promoter Pop Beauty Srl, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 10 paragraph 4 of Presidential Decree no. 430/2001, and articles. 14 and 18 of the Operation Regulations, communicate to all Recipients the changes to the Regulations themselves due to the new mechanism for attributing Be Pop Points. In addition to the aforementioned changes, reported in detail below, no other point of the regulation is changed. The following Amendments to the Regulation replace the previous ones with retroactive value.
Pop Beauty Srl based in Rome Viale Somalia 193 00199 VAT number and tax code 16136221005.

Collecting points

This prize event will take place overall from 01/06/2022 to 31/05/2023.
Requests for prizes and/or credits must be sent no later than 05/31/2023.
The credit accumulated through the collection of points must be spent no later than 05/31/2023.

National territory, at the specific Italian online e-commerce website , at the On Line Pop Make Up Stores.

The operation is aimed at all those who purchase any product on sale on the Pop Make up Store - including gift cards and any new products coming out in the coming months - from the website

Final consumers, adults and residents/domiciled in the Italian national territory, purchasers of the product(s) promoted via the specific online e-commerce website

All consumers who purchase from the online e-commerce site from 01/06/2020 to 31/05/2023 will accumulate points based on the value of the expenditure made as better indicated in the following scheme

1 €10 €0.10
2 €20 €0.20
3 €30 €0.30
And so on… the table is illustrative and not exhaustive.
For every €10 spent you get 1 Be Pop point .
1 Be Pop point = €0.10 / ten cents credit .
for your BIRTHDAY you automatically earn 100 points by correctly entering the data in your account
for each REVIEW on a product you earn 10 points.

Upon reaching the necessary points, they will be able to request one of the following prizes, or they will be able to choose whether to request a purchase voucher with a value corresponding to the points accumulated which can be spent on the online e-commerce site
The purchase voucher can only be used on physical and shippable products, excluding gift cards .

Be Pop shopper
One size – M
Be Pop MUG

All consumers who purchase from abroad on the online e-commerce site from 06/01/2020 to 05/31/2023 will be able to request a purchase voucher with a value corresponding to the points accumulated which can only be spent on the respective online e-commerce
The purchase voucher can only be used on physical and shippable products, excluding gift cards .

For every €10 spent you get 1 Be Pop point .
1 Be Pop point = €0.10 / ten cents credit.

The accumulated points must be used to collect the prize by the end of the prize operation , i.e. no later than 05/31/2023 . After this deadline, the points accumulated and not used will not be considered valid at the end of the redemption of a reward/credit and will be eliminated from the user's personal profile.
In case of return of the order , when the user is reimbursed for the amount spent, the Be Pop points linked to the aforementioned order will be automatically cancelled.
Points must be accumulated and used in good faith. Improper and fraudulent use of points is not permitted.
In the event that the user has already consumed the unduly withheld Be Pop points, the Be Pop points count will be negative.
In the event of a violation , the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the awarding of prizes or purchase vouchers to all users who do not participate in good faith, carrying out conduct such as, for example: access with double identities, collection of prizes with other people's points , claimed accumulation of points following the return of the purchased product, etc.
In the case of payment made by cash on delivery , as for all other payment methods, the points will be credited at the time of payment of the order.
If the consumer chooses to convert the accumulated points into credit , it will not be possible to convert them again to request physical rewards.
If the consumer makes a mixed purchase , i.e. if the payment for a new order is made partly using the credit accumulated with the collection of points and partly with his own money, the collection points/credit operation will be valid only for the sum expenditure in excess of the credit received.

Unregistered user
Connect to the website , fill in the registration form by 05/31/2023 , entering your personal data. Upon completion of the registration form, a confirmation email will be sent to the address provided during registration on the website with the credentials to access the reserved area.
With each purchase the user will accumulate points and upon reaching the necessary points they will be able to request one of the prizes up for grabs or a shopping voucher with a value corresponding to the accumulated points which can only be spent on the online e-commerce site . Once the chosen prize or voucher has been received, the points corresponding to the prize/voucher collected will be deducted from the total accumulated points. The selected prize will be sent with the next order.
Registered user
Access the reserved area with your credentials. With each purchase of one of the products indicated in point 5 of this regulation, the user will accumulate points and upon reaching the necessary points he will be able to request a purchase voucher with a value corresponding to the accumulated points which can only be spent on the online e-commerce site www. . Once the voucher or the chosen prize has been received, those corresponding to the reserved prize/voucher will be deducted from the total accumulated points.
The selected prize will be sent with the next order: it cannot be sent individually.
If the data sent is incomplete or does not meet the requirements to receive the prize, the consumer will receive an e-mail in which he will be asked to send the correct data and/or documents. In the event that these data are not sent correctly within 10 days of the request, the registration will be considered invalid and, therefore, void. The prize cannot be paid.
The Promoting Company reserves the right to carry out checks on the regularity of registrations and subsequent purchases on the website .
It is also specified that:
if the consumer does not send the prize request within the times indicated in these regulations, the prize will not be recognized;
For the purposes of the prize operation in question, registration requests via the online channel, sent or made by 05/31/2023 , will be considered valid;
proof of purchases made on Italian online e-commerce websites other than will not be considered valid.
the points used to collect a prize will be deducted from the total user points in the reserved area and cannot be reused;
Multiple prizes cannot be requested with the same purchase receipt during the entire promotion;
the promoting company reserves the right to request the presentation of the original receipt of the purchase made from the Pop Make Up Store online shop before sending the prize;
Consumers will be responsible for the costs relating to the connection to the website dedicated to this initiative, normally applied by their operator and any shipping costs.

        This prize operation will be advertised through promotional material on the website and on the social networks of Pop Make up Academy, Pop Make up Store. The advertising messages that communicate the event to its recipients will be consistent with this regulation. The entire regulation will be available on the website .
        The operation is governed by this regulation, the original of which is self-certified pursuant to art. 10 n° 3 of the Presidential Decree of 26/10/2001 N° 430, remains deposited and kept for the entire duration of the event and for the 12 months following its conclusion at the registered office of Pop Beauty Srl, Viale Somalia 193 – 00199 Rome.

        The Promoting Company declares that participation in this prize operation presupposes the processing of participants' personal data for purposes strictly connected to the operation itself, in compliance with EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and subsequent amendments. Personal data will be processed, with the aid of electronic tools, in full compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) for the purposes related to this prize operation, as well as for a period of time proportionate to these purposes. according to which the treatment is carried out. The owner and manager of the data processing is Pop Beauty Srl – Viale Somalia 193 –00199 Rome, which ensures that the data processing will take place through the use of tools and procedures suitable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the participants. The data received will be communicated exclusively to Pop Beauty Srl and will not be disclosed to other companies. Participants will be able to exercise, at any time, the rights provided for by EU Regulation 679/2016, among others, the right to obtain confirmation of the origin, existence or otherwise of personal data concerning them, their updating, rectification or integration, the right to object to the processing of the data. The data collected may be communicated to third-party companies or consultants that Pop Beauty Srl uses to manage the implementation of the aforementioned prize operation. At any time it is possible to request the owner company to delete the data provided by writing or contacting the Promoter .

        The Promoting Company reserves the right to make changes or additions to these Regulations, which however cannot affect the rights acquired by the participants and which will be communicated to them using the methods used for the dissemination of the original conditions of participation. Under no circumstances can the prize be converted into cash and/or other prizes. The images and colors of the prizes present on all promotional material are purely indicative. The Promoting Company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any problems arising during the use of the prizes and cannot be held responsible for the improper use of the prizes by the recipients. In the event of disservices, failures or malfunctions, the contractual clauses of the supplier/producer/distributor and the related limitations or extensions referring to the clauses themselves attached to the prize apply. The Promoting Company reserves the right to replace the prizes, if no longer available on the market, with similar ones of equal or greater value, and will provide prior information. Any dispute regarding this prize event, which the Ministry of Economic Development has not taken charge of, will be referred to the competent court of Rome.

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