Opal Moonstone Multichrome Eyeshadow LAZY BONES

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Lazy Bones Opal Moonstones Loose Multi Chrome Eyeshadow

It has a translucent multi-dimensional rainbow finish with a super shimmery finish, perfect for lifting your mood!
Each angle of light reveals a different side and the translucent base reflects: Purple>Blue>Pink>Bronze
Texture type > Glittering
Rich in shimmering particles, this texture is softer and more transparent.
It is buildable and can create a foiled effect.
A light, iridescent loose pigment full of iridescent sparkles, that suits every mood!
Opal Moonstones have a pastel base color that changes hues under different lights, with a dazzling shimmering finish designed to suit all skin tones.
The new range has a shade designed to reflect every mood, so choose your favorite color and tell us how you feel!
No pigment leakage; With every purchase of loose eyeshadow you receive a removable hole dispenser lid that opens and closes. The hole dispenser ensures you can dispense pigment evenly when working with detailed work.
Vegan and cruelty-free Premium ingredients 100% finely milled loose powder
Color changing tones Pastel reflective multichrome finish
Smooth satin texture that practically melts into the skin without leaving any texture on the skin
Highly versatile; can be layered for even greater multi-dimensional effects Highly pigmented that blend effortlessly Changes to a new color over a black base
Universal colors.