FOXY MIX effect tuft eyelashes

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Tufts of Foxy Eye false eyelashes 0.10 J MIX
Professional quiffs created in collaboration with the extraordinary makeup artist Ewelina Zych. Tufts arranged in a characteristic “V” shape. The length of the lashes gradually decreases from the outer sides to the center of the tuft, giving a very modern effect known as "Fish Tail" or "Swallow".
Benefits of Ewelina Zych's Foxy Eye Wisps : Natural Look: J-curl tufts are known for their slightly curved shape which adds natural volume to the lashes. Unlike other curls like "C" or "D", the "J" curl creates a more subtle effect that makes the lashes look natural and slightly curled. Optical Lengthening: The "J" twist helps visually lengthen the lashes. It is an ideal solution for people with shorter or straight eyelashes who want to achieve the effect of lengthened eyelashes.
Natural Look: J-twist wisps for a natural look. Their slight lift makes the lashes look like yours, but better emphasized and more defined. Comfortable to Wear: "J" twist provides the convenience of wearing tufts of eyelashes. Thanks to their shape, the tufts with this twist adhere well to the lash line without causing discomfort. They are lightweight and do not weigh down the lashes, ensuring all-day comfort.
Versatile: "J" twist tufts are versatile and suitable for a variety of lash styles. They can be used for both everyday makeup and special occasions, creating a subtle elegance.