Opal Moonstone Multichrome Eyeshadow LUCKY CHARM

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These unique shades have a pastel base with a soft velvety texture.
Apply a layer on a base of colored eyeshadow to create a shiny effect or if desired you can create a matte finish.
The new range has a shade designed to reflect every mood, so choose your favorite color and tell us how you feel!
We recommend our best-selling Fix Potion as a pigmented adhesive.
No Pigment Spill - With every purchase of loose eyeshadow you receive a removable hole dispenser lid that opens and closes - the dispenser ensures you can dispense pigment evenly when working on precise jobs.
Vegan and Cruelty Free Premium Ingredients 100% Finely Ground Powder
Iridescent tones. Reflective pastel multichrome finish
Ultralight Smooth satin texture that practically melts into the skin without weighing it down
Highly versatile, it can be layered for even greater multi-dimensional effects
Switch to a new color on a black base Universal colors. Designed for all skin tones