Original Multichrome Loose Eyeshadow LULLABY

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LULLABY Multi Chrome Loose Eyeshadow
These spectacular pigments have intense iridescent shades that will make your eyes shine with radiance and beauty.
Lullaby – emerald green > turquoise > Indigo blue > purple
Lullaby has a black base with highly metallic and iridescent reflective tones.
Texture Type Dense Dense, compact texture that offers rich, opaque color.
Smooth, silky and light on the skin.
Original Multichrome Intense multidimensional pigment that has up to four color variations with a rich payoff.
The silky smooth formula glides onto skin and is super finely milled to produce an effortless application
. How to apply: We recommend our Fix Potion. No pigment leakage; removable hole dispenser that opens and closes; Hole dispenser ensures you can dispense pigment evenly when working with detailed work.
Vegan and cruelty-free/
Top quality ingredients/
100% finely ground powder/
Changing tones/
Reflective multi-chromatic finish/
Smooth satin texture that practically blends into the skin without leaving any texture on the skin/
Universal colors. Designed for all skin tones