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Ibra Makeup triangular down jacket

A soft and fluffy triangle-shaped microfiber applicator for applying loose and stone powders. The fluff is finished with a delicate and soft velvet which ensures a smooth and even finish of the make-up. Inside it is filled with a sponge which makes it soft and resistant. The triangular shape allows you to reach the smallest and most difficult to reach areas of the face. The aesthetic ribbon allows you to conveniently store the can. The applicator can be used as a hand pad when applying eye makeup or applying makeup to another person. It is perfect for applying powder all over the face and selected parts, e.g. during cooking.

Advantages: Product made of soft material: velvet, picks up the right amount of product, easy to clean, is comfortable to use.

How to apply the powder? Are you wondering: what to apply the powder with? Powder puffs are the answer to your needs. The powder puff is the perfect choice for every woman. It is perfect for daily makeup and quick touch-ups throughout the day. Thanks to its small size you can always have it with you.